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Mason Gaffney’s Writings

Mason Gaffney’s articles and essays are accessible on  On the ATCOR thesis, see, for example, the following:

Mason Gaffney (1999), “Gains from Untaxing Work, Trade and Capital by Uptaxing Land”, Global Institute for Taxation (GIFT) conference, St. Johns University, New York, October 1.

  • (2005), “A Better Way of Gauging Excess Burden of Taxation”, Working paper published in Moss (ed.), 2006.
  • (2006), “A simple general test for tax bias”, in Laurence S. Moss (ed.), Natural Resources, Taxation and Regulation, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.
  • (2008), Keeping Land in Capital Theory: Ricardo, Faustmann, Wicksell and George, Am J of Economics and Sociology, Vol. 67(1).

Mason Gaffney’s latest book, The Mason Gaffney Reader: Essays on Solving the “Unsolvable” (2013), is available from Amazon. For his discussion on the ATCOR process, view this video:


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