Challenge the Statecraft of Greed by backing the Cheating Index

Keep your coins, I want changeNATIONS are governed by a statecraft that mutated out of the greed of a few people back in history. That statecraft abuses power and undermines the quality of all our lives.

The Cheating Index is a forensic tool that exposes the injustices that even ensnare democratic governments. But it is also a life-enhancing philosophy. By understanding how cheating has become a social process, you are empowered to defend yourself, your family and your community.

Social change is achieved when a critical mass of people declare their disrespect for the cheating that is sanctioned by the laws of the land. By registering your support for the Cheating Index, you expose the four pillars of the statecraft that must be challenged.

  • State-sponsored deaths
  • Tax-driven destruction of wealth
  • Eco-cide: crimes against nature
  • Humanicide: crimes against humanity

Through its financial policies, the nation-state rides rough-shod over our lives. The first act of defiance is your support for the construction of the Cheating Index.

Need more detail?
Download: Fred Harrison’s Essay on Cheating [PDF]

The Cheating Index serves two purposes

  1. A cathartic learning experience. The legacy of centuries of manipulation of language, institutions and morals is a collective trauma that prevents people from demanding the financial reforms that serve their best interests. Understanding and then investigating the injustices in your community becomes a therapeutic exercise grounded in debate and democratic action.
  2. Serve notice to the ruling elites. Politicians must be made to realise that we no longer accept their authority as wisdom. By drilling down to the bedrock truths; and by publishing Proclamations of Disrespect (see sidebar), guardians of the structure of power will quickly realise that the time has come for meaningful reforms.

By participating in the Cheating Index campaign, you help others to censure injustice in the court of public opinion.

Proclamation of Disrespect

How can you challenge Agents of the State who refuse to reform society?

Petitions to governments are ignored if they put at risk the privileges of those who benefit from the culture of greed that regulates modern societies. Agents of the state are not free to amend the foundation rules.

So petitions on government and private websites may enable people to let off steam, but they cannot result in the root-and-branch reforms.

So what is the answer?

Are you dissatisfied with your government’s reforms? Are you facing agents of the state who are damaging your community?

We are collecting Proclamations of Disrespect from around the world. Add your voice to the growing list.

Do you have an example?

Yes we do! Read through Fred’s Proclamation of Disrespect aimed at Tony Blair. This draws on 2010 The Inquest.

Where to send my proclamation?

Send your submissions to sharetherents [at]

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