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Formation of the Culture of Genocide

Genocidal crimes were inflicted on the people of the Balkans in the 1990s. And yet, grotesque attempts are now being made to persuade Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to copy the laws, institutions and practices of the European Union. Europe was driven into modernity by a financial model that prescribed ethnic cleansing. Europe’s culture continues to propagate genocidal behaviour. The EU should abandon its theory of “convergence”, which requires member states to synchronise their financial systems. BiH should be helped to chart a new pathway into the future, one based on social solidarity and cultural diversity. The outcome would be a quality of life that represented the authentic wishes of the people.

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State-sponsored violence is blamed on human nature. But humans evolved their cultures to control natural instincts and guide social development. The privatisation of common property – land and community-created rents – undermines authentic folk culture. Land grabbers, under the guise of nationalism, employed ethnic cleansing to appropriate other people’s territories. Genocide is now a tool of the statecraft of greed.

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