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Lying – or Just Gobbledy-gook?

Nick Clegg is an honest man. We can accept that he believes what he says. But that does not mean he knows what he’s talking about. His strictures on the British economy are pure gobbledy-gook. But he might as well be lying, because the outcome is the same: people are deceived and the nation suffers. […]

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What Recession? Recall the 1930s…

To hear Western leaders talk, you would think their countries were out of recession. GDP numbers are climbing, aren’t they? So why are governments getting deeper into debt, unemployment is rising and real wages declining? Think back to the 1930s: we ain’t seen nothing yet. The UK jobless rate is predicted to rise to 9% […]

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Arrogance of an Ignorant Politician

Gordon Brown was the key architect of Britain’s collapse into the Depression of 2010. True, the UK was programmed into the boom/bust cycle before he became head of the Treasury. But he could have reformed the tax regime to prevent the country being sucked into the financial vortex. He failed abjectly. And now, he seeks […]

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The Debt: a Political Fraud

Countries like Ireland and Spain are slashing public spending, to reduce sovereign debt. Britain’s coalition government, however, is providing the most transparent disclosure of the social consequences of the property boom/bust. The UK’s social system is being re-sculpted. Strip away the reassuring language, and we find that this nation is being sent back to the […]

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Osborne’s Fraudulent Deal

IT’S the macho stroke that governments like to pull to persuade voters that they are acting “tough” in the public’s interest. Gordon Brown’s gesture was the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) back in 1997. George Osborne’s stunt is the Financial Policy Committee, which he calls “a new settlement between our banks and the rest of our […]

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The Next “Crisis of Capitalism”

Déjà vu! Gordon Brown shifted responsibility for delivering a stable economy onto nine hapless economists within days of being appointed Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1997. We know how unsuccessful they were in fulfilling their mandate as the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England. Among the first of those unwise men was […]

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