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Washington Brews Deadly Narco-Taxes

The Washington deal that restarts American governance for three months is one small episode in the history of a crazed system of High Finance that is steadily destroying the economies of the trans-Atlantic nations. At the heart of the crisis is taxation based on a brew of philosophical schizophrenia,social divisiveness and political deception. Is it […]

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While Presidents Fiddle in the White House…

Flat-earth economics, as taught in America’s universities, will exercise a fatal influence over the fate of the United States as today’s super-power manoeuvres in response to the shifting structure of global power. How the misdiagnosis shapes political and diplomatic perceptions may be seen from the conclusions in a new analysis offered by two American scholars […]

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Does this Depress You?

The best of the world’s brains can be found in Washington DC. But given the lack of wisdom which the leaders and law-makers display, it’s clear they don’t use them. The financial model which they oversee is bankrupt, yet the only principle which unites them is the need for more of the same. America did […]

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Economics of the Madhouse

Proving the disconnect between reality and the mindset of people who make the decisions that affect our lives, is the big problem. It is not enough to belly-ache about government. Nor are conspiracy theories sufficient, if we want change. The evidence on what went wrong leading up to the financial crisis is now emerging in […]

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