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Adam Smith is turning in his grave

BREXIT, according to the Adam Smith Institute, is the chance for Britain to zero-rate the corporation tax. Retiring the tax would “reboot Britain”, according to Madsen Pirie, the president of the London-based think-tank that claims to honour the Scottish moral philosopher. In fact, the Adam Smith Institute brings disrepute on the name of the author […]

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What are Governments hiding?

Every organism that survives by consuming energy needs a feedback mechanism that ensures operational stability. To monitor the internal pressure – blood-pressure, steam pressure, whatever – a gauge is needed. For the market economy, the price of “land” is the most comprehensive indicator of the health of society at large. So why do governments like […]

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The Best Kept Secret in Economics

What happens to the increased value that accumulates when you and I improve our performance at work? It gets soaked up in the price we pay for using land. The elites who control society don’t want us to understand this process. Why? Because that would lead to the politically awkward question: How come we are […]

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How They Keep Us Pig Ignorant

When politicians connive to keep us ignorant – that’s when I get really angry. Either they are pig ignorant, or they conspire to deprive us of the knowledge we need. Given the information at their disposal, I conclude that their agenda is designed to keep us in the dark. What are we going to do […]

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Wilful ignorance or Big Lie?

Conspiracy theories are dangerous, but, sometimes, things happen that leave you wondering…If it’s not a conspiracy to defeat people from achieving their goals in life, what is it? Where do you draw the line between wilful ignorance and the Big Lie? These reflections were triggered by a report in a British magazine called Country Life.. […]

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Rewarding the Vandals of Nature

What’s life on our planet worth? In cash terms, academics are putting a price on the services provided by nature, to persuade us to stop killing the biological diversity that sustains life. Perversely, this UN initiative will accelerate the killing of life as financiers find ways to exploit nature in the money markets. Putting a […]

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