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Financial Rules for Constructing a Strong State

China is now in the unique position of being able to learn from the tragedies of Western nations, to create a post-capitalist society based on the freedom and equality of all citizens. This can be achieved if the financial system is constructed on respect for the division between what the individual citizen may retain as […]

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Italy: High Finance Incubates Mobsterism

THE financial ligaments of the statecraft of greed are most visibly displayed in Italy. The man who symbolises the culture of corruption is Silvio Berlusconi, a convicted tax fraudster and Italy’s longest-serving post-war prime minister. To reassert his power, he has now forced the government to abandon a tax on the flow of income that […]

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Cultural Cannibalism and the Public’s Finances

The financial mechanism that damages people’s mental health and their culture is being laid bare by the policies ordained by the Beijing Politburo. The communists are telescoping into a few formative years the policies that took centuries to evolve in Western Europe. It’s all to do with the way government funds the public’s services. Instead […]

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