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Fred Harrison

Fred HarrisonFred Harrison is Research Director of the London-based Land Research Trust. He is a graduate of the Universities of Oxford and London. His first book, The Power in the Land (1983), predicted the economic crisis of 1992. He followed this with a 10-year forecast (published in The Chaos Makers [1997]) that a global financial crisis would be triggered when house prices peaked in 2007. He wrote:

By 2007 Britain and most of the other industrially advanced economies will be in the throes of frenzied activity in the land market…Land prices will be near their 18-year peak…on the verge of the collapse that will presage the global depression of 2010.

Real estate “bubbles” can be neutralised, but governments refuse to reform the financial system. They are now laying the foundations for the next global property boom/bust, which will create even greater devastation than that which followed the implosion of the West’s banks in 2008. For more on Fred, visit Wikipedia.

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